How to choose the best Back Brace:

When it comes to deciding on a back brace to support your low back during times of stress or due to an acute or chronic back isuue several things must be considered.

1. Many consumers will find a brace while watching TV or searching the internet or local department stores. The braces found here are cheap ($20--$35) and may be ok for occasional support for short durations when moving something heavy. This type of support is not meant to aid an injured back or prevent injury. Consider them like an taking a pain medication. They may get you through the event. but offer no long term support.

2. Next you have a brace that is supportive in a way that can aid in the healing of low back injuries whether acute (Short Term) or chronic (Longer Term). They offer more support than the one above. These are usually recommended by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and other Health Care Professionals for a cost effective alternative to other bracing options. The costs for these braces can range from $50-$100.

We have two on our site in this category:

a. Comfortland Endeavor 27 (one size fits most) for $70.00.

b. Comfortland Endeavor 31 (one size fits most) for $75.00

3. The braces with the best support and comfort ratiing are highly recommended by Most Health Care Professionals. These braces range from $100-$200. 

We have two on our site in this category:

a.  TREND QUICK FORM LSO DCT-QF37 L0650/L0637 (one size fits most) for $97


b. Comfortland Endeavor 37 (one size fits most) for $80.00.


1. The Trend Pro Quick Form is a one-size, extremely easy to adjust LSO. This brace is the ideal product for your patients who have trouble adjusting products themselves. We have designed this product to go from 25”-60” with minimal effort. This brace is very light weight, breathable, and offers excellent support and compression.


Universal (25”-60” waist) Available 8” Extension Panel



2. Comfortlands Endeavor 27-31-37 Models are the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Universal sizing accommodates waist sizes from 25 to 68 inches.