I am a provider and I want to know how to bill this DME.

When you sign up you will have access to our Provider Only sections. Here you will find Allowables, Codes and Letters of Medical Necessity.

I am not sure how to properly fit the DME on my Patient.

We want to make this DME available to all Providers and therfore we have included instructions and Product demonstration videos.

What do you charge for a phone call to get started?

We provide free 15 minute calls to get up and running fast. Have more questions, no worries we have you covered.

Do you give discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, please click on the contact us button and we will be happy to discuss that with you.

Should I just take a fitting fee from a Billing company?

That is an option if you don't mind giving up control of your patient and letting someone else keep your money.

I have other options, why should I work with you?

We have the highest quality products at the best prices you will likely find anywhere. You will be blown away by our customer service. We are Providers also and are in the trenches every day just like you.